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The most important things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.

Radio interview

Radio interview for Český rozhlas Sever broadcasted on 4th January 2019, where I talked about how I went from being a lawyer to teaching yoga, about my travels to India and so on 🙂 The interview is only in Czech


Whether you are looking for a private or public class, there is always an option for you. Apart from asana, I can teach you also pranayama, or yogic cleansing techniques.


If you are interested in my journey to India, see the articles on my blog. You can find there articles about the yoga practicioner´s life in Mysore, and other stuff that you can experience only in this wonderful country.

This website is all about yoga, which is what love, practice and teach. I am very happy that I have this amazing opportunity to share the beauty of yoga and hopefully inspire others to practice it as well, and find its benefits for themselves.

Nowadays, I focus mainly on teaching prana vashya yoga, pranayama, and shatkarmas/shatkriyas (the yogic cleansing techniques, especially jala and sutra neti, kapalabhati, and trataka). Occasionally, I still teach ashtanga, hatha or vinyasa yoga. I believe that yoga is for everyone and the practice should be tailored to the needs of each individual. 

I endeavour to create a safe and friendly environment for practice where everyone feels welcome. I strive to make independent yoga practicioners who will eventually learn how to do self-practice, and one day will no longer need a teacher. Also I enjoy explaining the technique in detail and see its magic working in practice.

Jana Mikšíčková