Private yoga classes

Teaching: asana, pranayama (incl. advanced techniques using bandhas), yoga nidra, chanting of Sanskrit texts and mantras, neti and other yogic cleansing techniques

Private classes are great if:

  • you have specific health condition,
  • you need consultation,
  • the timings of the public classes don´t suit you,
  • if you want to learn techniques, which are not suitable for a group setting;
  • you want to practice in a small private group of friends/family/colleagues,
  • or simply if you want a more individual approach tailored to your particular needs.

It is an amazing opportunity for you to get a personalised yoga sequence to practice at home (combining yoga postures, relaxing breathing and concentration techniques), or dvelve deeper into your practice, and make faster progress than in the public classes.

You can come on daily, weekly, or random basis once in a while (provided that you also have a regular home self-practice or you attend any public yoga classes).